Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to get away from myself and let me soul travel freely without the notion of time or space. A journey into self discovery, recognizing myself for what I truly am, as when I look into the mirror I don’t recognize what I see, just a face among so many others. I feel that I’ve lost the essence of my soul, I feel I’ve got lost some place else and my body just follows the rhythm of the daily life.
The clock is ringing, time to wake up and face another day. Get ready you are losing time! Kiss the one you love goodbye and just go out the door for work, for your career. Getting outside and mingle with the other shelves.
I still remember the days when I wanted to be different, when I knew what my values were…When passion would move me, when my words would flow like the wind a spring day, spreading that sweet perfume that was always there.
Now it feels like I can no longer listen to my heart, and I have to say it’s quite a lonely feeling! 


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