So I’ve just arrived home from a barbecue afternoon with some friends (I really missed this!), just spending the all day in good company, and forget everything else and just enjoy it.
The only bad thing was when I’ve returned back home I wasn’t lucky with any of the trains / bus, so spend too much time outside in cold. 5 degrees!!! I still feel quite cold 30m after I’ve arrived. brrrr

Anyway, as soon as I’ve opened my facebook I had this photo for me

Dear Twiggs left a post for me on her blog. Oh gosh I feel so honored! She’s probably one of the bloggers I admire the most, for all her words, photos, digital work… I mean really, she’s a true source of inspiration and a proof that it’s possible to follow our dreams if we dare to pursue them! 
Moreover, she has achieved this sense of brand and unique style, described by soft tones, emotions and light. Is it possible not to love it?


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