About Luxemburg

So as you may know, I’ve just spend my weekend in Luxemburg as I went to visit a friend of mine. I was quite impressed by how small the city is (well the whole country actually). There’s a big avenue with all the banks, then the historical city centre and small villages without a single coffee or restaurant. I’ve listened to a lot of portuguese, as there are many immigrants in the area… but oh gosh, sometimes I felt quite embarrased by how they are… imagine the lowest and un-classy people from your country, that’s what I found! These are the guys that go back for August, and pretend they are better than the others because they speak french and they live abroad. Oh well!
Anyway, as for the city, here it goes:

I’ve really enjoyed the market, small local producers sharing their products. Spicies, fresh fruits, juices, fresh biscuits (absolutely unique and delicious!!!), cheese.

So what have I done? Talking a lot, eating a lot, mostly gorgeous bread, I still have it with me. It’s really delicious, went to visit the city on Saturday, dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, the tiramisu was delicious and then watched skyfall. It was a nice weekend, its a pity how cold it was, that now I’m sick, and I’m afraid I’m going to have an otites… hope not, as if that happens I can’t fly on Thursday!!!
In the end it’s a nice city to visit, but mixed up with a visit to the other neighboor countries



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