Where did I park my plane???

But this time it was the most amazing reason I’ve ever heard! So as soon as we’ve boarded, the pilot said: “I’m sorry for the delay, but the aircraft went for engineering maintenance last night and today we couldn’t find it” LOL!!!! I mean, I understand if we couldn’t find the car in a big park, but an airplane??? They are not the small! Brilliant! I have to write a book about my different delays, considering I have weekly delays hahahaha


5 thoughts on “Where did I park my plane???

  1. quanto mais tempo passa menos gosto de andar de aviao. stresso-me com as voltas no ar (e a inclinacao), stresso-me com as diferencas de barulho do motor. mas pronto la tem q ser. um dia q tenha de fazer uma viagem grande acho q tomo medicacao, se ha coisa q me assusta e atravessar por exemplo o atlantico

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