Books I’m reading

As I read so many books (although not as many as I would like to), why not to share my personal reviews?

J.K.Rowling – The casual Vacancy

I knew that it was not an Harry Potter fantasy book, it was a mature novel, but I have to confess I had difficulties with this book until I was around 66% of it. It took me ages to get in touch with the characters, not that they were not strong enough, is just I couldn’t relate, I couldn’t get glued to the story.
As it keeps on going it starts to make sense and I’ve really enjoy it. It’s quite different from the usual novels on its own and it makes us think at the end of it, which is something not all the books manage to do. My favourite character was actually Kristal and maybe Andrew as well. It is a story about hypocrisy and how fragile the appearances can be, just a little shake and everything changes completely and breaks away.
In the end my words would be impressive. It’s not a 5* star book due to being so hard to get. I mean normally I would give up after 20% boredomness  but as it was J.K.Rowling I’ve kept on going.

Currently Reading:
The Life of Pi – Yann Martel

I’ve started to read this book because of the cover and it seemed to be so different from usual. I’m like 30% of the book but I’m enjoying it quite a lot. First of all the name of the main character on its own and the way every single line seems to tempting to read. We are easily glued to the story and we want to know more: what happened to Pi? How did he managed to generate a bond with such a huge tiger in a lifeboat? 
By the way, there is a movie for this book already. Once I finish the book I’m going to watch it


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