About having babies

Ahhh here’s a topic that’s always been in my mind, but I’ve never written anything about it so far.
The call… supposedly there is something as the feminine call, when we are supposed to feel the need to have a baby. Does that mean if I don’t receive that call I won’t be a proper women?
I don’t fancy babies, in fact I don’t care about newborns, although I find cute kids reaching 1 year old, as they become more interactive. I like the idea of having a continuity for our relationship, something that truly came from us, but… as I look at kids nowadays that is scary too.
Plus I love our relationship, I still want to do so many things before the babies bell comes to scene, like travelling, having time together just the two of us. 
I believe society expects us to have babies, and if a couple doesn’t have babies is not considered as a family at all (I believe I’ve already wrote something about it before). Is it? I don’t think so. I truly respect people that made the decision of not having kids, it’s their own choice, their life! Are they less valued because of that?
With our current lifestyle can we have as many babies as 2 generations before used to? Travelling all the time, moving around… I mean I take it seriously, so if I would have kids it would be to give them a proper education and most of all love and time.
A colleague of mine was saying the other day: what I feel for my kids is love, but a love that comes from obligation. And it’s true!
Check out this article with some interviews to people who made the choice of not having babies.

What is your view on this topic? Did you ever thought about it?

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