.: Exploring Hamburg :.

Finally I’ve managed to check the photos I’ve taken during my last weekend in Hamburg.
It’s a very nice city, but I totally recommend a visit during warmer time. We couldn’t explore the port area because it was too cold, something like -7. Plus it was cloudy and rainy the whole time.
The city centre is full of shops and restaurants (this is definitely a plus, even if they seem fancy places the food is actually quite “cheap”).
Day 1
Explore the port and the city centre including a big garden, where we’ve actually spend the majority of the afternoon
Rule nr 1 in nocturnal photography – use a tripod! (Obviously I’ve used none, so there’s the lack of sharpness on the following photos)
Then we went to a nice restaurant drinking Baileys lattes, yummy! I’ve actually done another one yesterday at home

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