While flying 2

Another text, but this one from yesterday

… And there you go again, literally on air. You let your mind flow, somewhere between your memories from the past and your wishes for the future. Even if you don’t quite understand the clarify of your thoughts they somehow make sense as a random song that flows with the beat of your heart. 
You keep yourself in this kind of trance state until you forget the notion of a self and just become a floating wave, dancing in the different corners of your mind, while your own body is confined to the space of the chair.
But you need this, forgetting where you really are and taking the time to organize your thoughts, or even better, let them flow freely to wherever they want to go. It’s the perfect time to think and wonder. On the left and side there’s all you’ve done and achieved today. And what about last week? Ahh you no longer remember, but it’s not even important. Yet you feel very sleepy, in this sea of floating words… waiting for the time to pass by. But what about the future? All you want to do? All your wishes to correct yesterday’s mistakes? They somehow feel trapped in a cloud of pure turbulence. You are awaken with the sense of urgency. Something needs to be done even if you still don’t know why nor how. Maybe it all becomes clear upon arrival. Maybe this is what your chaotic thoughts are doing, leading you into the right direction, so that this journey was not in vain. An inner journey to your true self, a breaking from your fears. But most importantly and arrival to a different tomorrow.

And then I’ve stopped the text because there was just too much turbulence 😐


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