Looking back

Maybe because there’s a whole new year in front of me, I feel like looking back into what’s just went past. It’s amazing to think it’s almost 2 years since I’ve moved to UK, wow! Time flies indeed. But the most surprising thing is that I feel settled down and I can’t imagine myself returning back. I still miss my friends and my family and because I keep on travelling I didn’t made almost any friends here, but I feel like I’m home.
And maybe because I know things can change so fast, who knows where I may end up? Another country? That’s why I prefer to enjoy each day, but not losing the focus on what we want to achieve.
This year I:

* Want to save more money, 2012 was really bad in spending. 
* Try to have an healthier life style… let’s just say that staying in hotels and working long hours in front of the computer is not good for my health
* Enjoy every single day we wake up together side my side… to compensate from 2012
* Live a simple life, with my friends and my photos and music and smile. Avoid stress at all cost.
* Do more personal travel… and hopefully for the first time do a long trip. I’ve been saying I’m going to do it for a while now. 
* Avoid buying stuff that I don’t need and keep on checking my stuff to see what’s really necessary.

And I guess that’s all. 

Many people say it’s good to live a carpe diem and not to worry to much on our goals because than we forget to live the present. Well that’s true, but for me not entirely, I believe we need to focus on what we want to achieve and do with our lives but without setting unrealistic goals and stress about not achieving them.
Whatever happens I don’t mind as long as we can spend more time together this year 🙂

What are your main resolutions for this year?


4 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. I really like this post and your reflection on 2012 and using that as a starting point for your 2013 resolutions. Very inspiring!I also appreciate your courage in disclosing your resolutions… I've been keeping mine private (for a number of legitimate reasons, but still…!) ;)That said, I have to say your first goal very much resembles my second one! Ever so important to save money! Like you, for me carpe diem is only ok in small doses :)As for the others, I opted for measurable goals, like run 3x a week for example, because I need the target rather than just the mantra… I tend to work better to a very specific objective ;)Oh… and glad to hear you feel settled in the UK :)x

  2. Ohh nao foi so coragem, nao sao assim tao pessoais qto isso, o q eu escrevi tem mais detalhes como por exemplo o montante anual que quero poupar :)E sem duvida agrada-me a tua ideia de definires como vais fazer as coisas, como correr 3 vezes por semana. eu defini so q queria ter uma vida mais saudavel mas ainda nem comecei a fazer exercicio hahahaha.Votos de um excelente 2012 🙂 E pode ser q seja este ano q tenha o prazer de te conhecer em Oxford 🙂

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