On the topic of the resolutions

I really enjoy the idea of doing monthly resolutions, something like not going to the cinema during the whole month, or not drinking coffee (I can’t do the later, no way!), so I decided my January one:

* Not buying online

Resisting the shops is very easy for me because I rarely go there, but this applies anyway. I’m very addicted to buy stuff online: shoes, cds, books, clothing, accessories you name it. So my resolution for January is not to buy anything online. It’s so hard especially with the sales ongoing. Must… resist… temptation!
Ok the main goal after Jan. is really to think about it twice before doing impulsive shopping and be more rational about it, as I used to be: Do I really need this? And if I think I do need it, why? Can I find an alternative?
And I need to clean my closet. Fortunately I don’t have that many useless things as in clothing I don’t use, because I  used to be very rational about it… but then came online shopping. This is linked to my main goal of saving more this year.
So what I’m doing to help out, is saving the list of items I would think about buying, so I can review the full list and really see if I really need anything. 
Exception is that I’m planning to start my photography online shop so I’ve ordered my photos and some wrapping material to start delivering my works.

Some insights about online shopping
Many people say they don’t like online shopping, well in my case as said I do a lot. But what I typically do (to avoid surprises) is to buy from online stores that also have a physical store, so that if something goes wrong I can always go there and return it.
Also I find the reviews of the products really helpful  Even if the store stuff can help us find the most appropriate product, the thing is they won’t say if the quality is bad, because ultimately they have to “protect their fish”.
The other thing is finding my size. Online I have the full access to the entire catalogue and can usually find my size. Again if it fails I will go to the store and exchange it. 
It helps compare prices when the product is available from multiple stores.

I still enjoy visiting small local stores, that have unique products and very friendly staff. It’s a unique experience and we can’t let that experience die at all. 

What about you, any resolution for January?

One thought on “On the topic of the resolutions

  1. Não costumo comprar coisas online, só coisas que não preciso experimentar – livros, agendas. :)Eu vou começar a fazer Zumba neste início de ano. 🙂

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