And it snows in UK

Half of the country is already covered in snow, schools closed, airports frozen, and empty shelves in the supermarkets. It started to snow in London too, and it feels like -11 and windy. I have to go outside to buy some extra food in case there is nothing to buy on the weekend. I’ll update some photos soon:

When it started:

Some updates, just had to go outside to do some shopping, as I’m afraid because of the snow in the rest of the country, the supermarkets may close during the weekend. At the moment it’s snowing quite a lot but also with some wind swirls, so it snows from all directions:

From my front door

On the other side of the road, where the river and the boats are.

And forgot to protect my plants 😦
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll go out with my camera to take better pictures of the snow.

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