Looking back at 2012 – Part II

July – The month he started working in Zurich
The month were he moved to Zurich for work (I’m so glad that by now he’s back!). It’s a really beautiful place to visit during summer time:

So let’s see: both of us Portuguese, I was working (still am) in Germany, and he was in Zurich, but both still living in London. Indeed sir, indeed. We rarely saw each other until the end of the year 😦 But we’ve also supported each other as well, that’s what living together is all about.

Also started posted some of my series from “Diary of a dream“, basically my personal diary, which I’ve started somewhat in 1999.

New Cities Visited: Zurich

August – Holidays
For the first time since I’ve started working, I’ve actually ended up starting my holidays in august. It was quite a plan this year, as he was in Zurich, I went alone to Portugal (exploring the mountains in Geres), then came to London to spend the weekend with him, then back to south Portugal, then visiting my friends in Lisbon then back home. ufff… guess even the holidays I kept on travelling (and ahhh got all lobster… guess I’m not used to the sun anymore)

New Cities Visited: Geres, Porto, Braga
Also explored the summer in UK and took my first photos during the sunset, and I have to say my favourite photo session of the year:

Rest of my holidays and back to work. So my last part of the holidays was in south portugal and Lisbon. Special thanks to my dad that took me to re-explore the beauty of Algarve. 

Also made a video from my cat:

And yeah also got a giant blister so I could barely walk for the time I was in Lisbon. But still managed to visit Sintra as well.

Then back to reality and to the travelling:

Went for my first concert in London (In O2 Sheppards Bush) and it was really awesome: Flying Colors.
And visited the London Open House, but only managed to visit Llyods. Next year need to programme it a bit better:
Also discovered the best burgers in town, in a Brewery near my house: The Botanist.
New Cities Visited: None

October – Autumn Arrives
Oh yeah another favourite season of mine, the colours of Autumn, so again spend a lot of time exploring and photographing (sessions richmond, cambridge, richmond park, richmond with my phone)

Also created my facebook page: MissLilly Photography

New cities visited: Luxemburg – had no idea it was that small!!!

Last but not least, went to a truffles cooking class.

The month of my birthday and the begining of winter time. All the red tones from Autumn will be gone soon and the cold and short days here to stay for a while.
November was very busy too, so just the weekend after Luxemburg, went to the Alps, my birthday gift from him 😀

I have to say I’ve seen the most beautiful sunrise in my life! It was a shame I couldn’t photograph it.

Then my birthday party. Then for the first time stayed in Germany to visit Hamburg, really nice city it was a shame it was too cold! Loved the miniature wonderland museum!!!
Finally made my 1st year in Germany (28th November), it was also the day of an event organized by be in the project: Gluwhein in the Christmas Market, dinner and Disco Bowling
New Cities visited: Alps – Interlaken, Lausagne, Hamburg
Winter just arrived and many of us start to think about Christmas. In my case I didn’t, just wanted to explore winter photography:
To end the year, he quit Zurich and returned back to UK 😀 Then went to Portugal for christmas holidays, revisit the family and my friends too. Then we went for a few days to Paris together to visit a dear friend of ours from US. Ahh it was beautiful, I wish it could never end:
New cities visited: None, but revisited Paris and went to explore parts I hand’t visited before.

Sum Up:
It was a very tiring year in terms of travel (around 90 flights!), almost didn’t spend any time at home with him – but that’s improving already this year so I’m quite happy about it.
Photography wise I think I’ve learnt a lot this year and my style quite changed and I like what I’ve reached so far.

# Cities visited: 16: UK – Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton, Cambridge, Christchurch, Cardiff, Southend-on-sea, Poole, Bournemouth) Europe (Luxemburg, Zurich, Lausanne, Interlaken, Thun, Hamburg, Dusseldorf)

Let’s see how 2013 will go 🙂 I’ll certainly work for that, for a better year and even more achievements.

3 thoughts on “Looking back at 2012 – Part II

  1. Passar aqui é sempre uma viajem que não se paga bilhete. Mais uma vez agrada-me tanto aqui passar e poder ver que a originalidade, que este mundo não tem mesmo limites.Um Beijo e tem uma óptima semana 🙂

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