Home Decor

I know, it’s Sunday evening again and I’m actually quite stress due to all the work I still need to do this week. But while it’s still Sunday thinking about home decor… oh yeah this is a topic I really enjoy. Not that I’m good at it (I wish I was), but checking for nice decorations. But this time I actually need to decorate my hallway, as at the moment it’s just a long corridor with doors:

In the corner you can’t see there’s a red frame, and that’s the corner I’m planning to decorate. I know it’s a lot of space here, but because of the doors don’t really know what to do with it. At the moment it’s very un-personal 😦
Yap, that’s pretty much it, so I’m trying to find some inspiration:

Love this one, but can’t actually use the flowers as I can’t make any holes in the wall 😦
So I’m tempted to buy one of this:
These are actually “dressing tables”, but can’t find a proper console below 150£ which is as simple as this one. The plan is to put the telephone on top of it plus a vase of flowers and probably a frame with one of my photos.

Do you have any ideas?


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