Monthly Goals

I don’t know if you remember, but I decided to follow the idea of setting monthly goals on things I would like to try to achieve:

For January it was No online shopping.

And I have to say mission accomplished!!! Many times it was very tempting to use the online discounts and buy things like photography, gadgets and booking. To be honest I haven’t bought anything this month for me. I did order photos but to open my online store on Etsy (and one mini goal for this month is to upload the photos I want to sell online).

Maybe it was easier to survive the online shopping because this month I didn’t had much time to even check the online stores, but I did it! I made me reduce my impulsive online shopping and think twice before buying anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I’m very good at avoiding buying big / expensive items… such as my new camera. But on the small items I really get tempted very easily. So I’ll keep rational shopping from now on!

For February eat mostly at home!
Actually I will plan just to go 2 times to have dinner / lunch outside the whole month! (I doubt I can cut to zero, as I’m sure he will want to go and have some food outside). But sometimes I was going like 10 times per month and it gets expensive. This includes order online food.

I do have a problem with this for the weeks I’m in Germany, as I can’t eat really at home, because there’s no home! But for the period I’m in Germany I will stick with no hydro-carbonates for dinner.
The main goal is to try to eat more healthy at home instead of spending like 40 or 50£ for the two of us outside. Let’s see how this goes.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Goals

  1. I had left a long, well thought out comment here via my phone… which deleted it by making me log in without saving it :SQuite frustrating… perhaps I need to address this in next month's plans!Well done on your January achievement :)The mission accomplished face is just toooo cute, great incentive to keep on track with your goals :)I wish you all the best for February. And I would like to see the little guy's face again :)Like you, I'm also approaching things from a monthly goal point of view. So much easier to keep track of where you want to go, easier to adjust if something is not quite right or doing it for you, and way more interesting to stay motivated 🙂

  2. No doubt about it!So far I've been once to have lunch outside during the weekend, but we were starving and it was to late to go grocery shopping and cook. But the goal really is to cut as possible having meals outside which are not really necessary. So far I've been having meals at home and healthier ones, so far so good :)P.s Maybe that's why I don't use my mobile phone that much for blogging, because situations like that can happen and then it's a bit frustrating 🙂

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