Let it snow Richmond

Unfortunately it’s not snowing again in London (I wish it did!). It’s just the photos I’ve took from 2 weeks ago and only now had the chance to see. My previous post only included the photos from my mobile phone (Here)

First I’ve crossed the road from my house and went to explore my area:
Then discovered the most original snow-“duck” I’ve ever seen:
Then took the bus Richmond to explore the rest:
Then photographed the same red cabins as I did the year before (here)
It’s amazing when it snows at your door! Hopefully it will snow again this year so I can enjoy it a bit more 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Let it snow Richmond

  1. em Lisboa ja nevou, mas so um bocadinho de nada e nao da pra deixar a cidade branquinha assim. No algarve onde cresci nunca vi nevar de todo heheheh portanto sempre q neva fico a olhar la para fora encantada com o movimento dos flocos de neve. e parece que vai nevar no norte da alemanha, portanto sou capaz de ficar novamente a olhar para a janela do escritorio em vez de me concentrar no trabalho hahaha

  2. Your great photographs would be much more impressive, dear Miss Lilly, if you present them in a much bigger size in your blog! Why don't you use the options blogger.com offers you?Kind regards, Uwe.

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