Diary of a crazy week

But I had a crazy week!
Today was even worst! Was supposed to be catching up with work, but had too many meetings in the morning, and report here and there. So I was screaming on my own like this:

  • Monday – travel, trying to catch up with all the e-mails I’ve received during that period and meetings. Then dinner meeting, then fall asleep on  the hotel bed (which sadly I recognize as my own)
  • Tuesday – more meetings again starting at 08h30. Trying to work on my documents, eating again in front of the computer and organizing our montlhy team event (which was successful by the way! more than 30 people joined us! wow). Arrived at the hotel very close to 1a.m!
  • Wednesday – Snowed a lot, so many of us had trouble in arriving to the office. Start again with meetings at 08h30 and then more meetings and not really manage to work on my documents. Actually had meetings until 19h, with no time to work on anything! Went to bed exhausted.
  • Thursday – Meetings starting at 09h this time. Had to cancel a stress buster training because I was too stressed to attend it! Go figure! More meetings, leave to the station running in order to catch the train and go to the airport. Flight was sort of on time, even with the de-icing, but then we were waiting in Heathrow. After grocery shopping arrived home at 20h30 (Uk tome). Replied to e-mails I’ve received during travel time until 22h30 (23h30 by the German time I woke up). 
  • Friday – Wake up at 07h and start meetings at 07h30 all in a row until 15h. Then status update, then only now I’m really working… so late late late!!! This morning I was crazy and all I wanted was to throw my computer up the window and say the F* off word to everyone so they would allow me to work. 
  • Sum up of my lunch time: always a sandwich in front of the computer, today it was just a banana and a yoghurt  just had my sandwich now. (And 6 mini chocolates from the hotel)

I wish I could say weekend is here, but I’ll have to work, as next week I’m going to a trainning I wish I had cancelled!! Calls from 07h to 08, training from 08h to 17h, work from 18h to whenever.

Holidays where are you????
At least tomorrow it’s Saturday so I’ll sleep longer: oh yeah!

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