Learning to say no

It’s something I seriously need to start doing! I have this very bad habit of saying yes I can do it, and then I’m too exhausted and have to work overnight (over the weekend… you name it). And then there are those crazy moments when I think: something is definitely wrong here. Recognizing the thin line when the effort is really needed or when it’s too much is really hard and I’ve always struggled with it.
At least this weekend I don’t have any communicator open, yesterday I turned off at 20h (after a crying crisis) and decided to breathe and take  my time. I have to say I feel much better now. Yes I do have plenty of work ahead of me, but I need my time too.
Saying yes is very easy, saying no it’s really the challenge and the key point for everything!

And by the way, how do you react to stress? It’s very important to understand our own reactions, and the more I think about it, the more I recognize that I become extremely silly when I’m tired and I have the following reaction toward stressful situations:
So wish you all a great weekend ahead, I’m going now to prepare a big breakfast for both of us. Enjoy it, and always remember to protect your own interests too and say no if you believe you have to say no!

10 thoughts on “Learning to say no

  1. Hoje encontro aqui um post diferentes dos outros que tenho lido por cá, também é verdade que te acompanho há pouco tempo mas gosto de cá passar.Quanto ao que escreveste tenho a dizer que por vezes, devemos seguir o que se quer, por vezes temos de saber que primeiro estamos nós e que tudo o que se faça por gosto, mesmo que dê um trabalho enorme, vale sempre a pena.Tem uma grande semana,Um beijinho 🙂

  2. Muito obrigada pelo comentario. E um tema que ja tenho tocado, embora muito raramente efectivamente. Em boa verdade continuo sem tema para o blog, tirando que e completamente aleatorio e muitas vezes tem fotos tiradas por mim.Sim, eu digo muitas vezes que a primeira camisola que vestimos e a nossa, mas as vezes no calor do momento esqueco-me de por em pratica aquilo que digo.Votos de excelente semana 🙂

  3. Saying no is indeed one of life's most valuable lessons. And one that probably takes a few attempts to sink in. I completely sympathise. This is, in fact, one of my resolutions for this year, to pace myself and see what would work for me.So far, so good. I feel justified whenever I have to say no, because I have this goal :)A big hug to dry your tears fully!xx

  4. eu tb tenho essa tendencia, mas depois e demais. especialmente no q toca a trabalho, nao digo nao, depois fico entalada e a trabalhar fins de semana e horarios malucos tipo das 07h20 as 22 😥

  5. ohh my dear thanks a lot!I have to say I'm failing to do this. I've said more no's this week like: do not even attempt to contact me as I'm busy doing other stuff or no I can't do that. But it's still a big worload and a lot I want to achieve. I'm being to ambitious on what I think I can do and ended up exhausted. another day working from 07h20 to 22h :(I really have to improve this in the short run!! I'll keep on posting my progress on thisthanks for the support 🙂

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