Exploring Oxford

As stated in the goals for this weekend, I planned to check my photos from  last weekend, and so I did!
Last weekend my dear took me to Oxford, because it was sunny and well, I really love the city! Could spend ours walking between the city centre and the river. It’s such a beautiful city, no matter where we look and then it’s always so alive, so many people walking by, yet it feels so peaceful. I could easily live there!
But today it’s not about words, it’s about pictures, so here they go:

If you would like to see this photos in better quality please check my facebook page here (I can no longer upload the photos directly into the blog because I’ve already spent the space available).
What do you think? I’m still not quite convinced about my new style, which started end of last year when I went to Paris. My old style was something more subtle and preserving the original photo as most as possible: sample here). Although I like to keep the photos with almost no editions, I do love soft tones and plenty of light. So I have to confess I’m kinda lost in the direction I should aim for. Regardless of the style (and I know this by my old writing days) it will keep on growing, but I would love to find my own “brand” so to say.
Hope you’re all having a great weekend 🙂

7 thoughts on “Exploring Oxford

  1. Adoro! Oxford está lindíssima pelos teus olhos. Quanto ao estilo, eu gosto destas fotos. Neste caso particular, acho que mostram uma Oxford diferente; é uma cidade tão fotografada que às vezes encontrar a nossa voz em imagens se torna complicado e eu acho que alcançaste isso, sobretudo na edição. Houve uma altura que me prendi muito ao estilo ou ao que queria que fosse o meu estilo. Agora, prefiro fotografar o que me apetece como me apetece e editar como bem entendo. Ah quanta liberdade sinto nisso 🙂 espero que ajude ;)E a ver se para a próxima viagem a Oxford vamos tomar chá e comer bolo!!!!!!

  2. SIM!!!!! :De acho q tens razao ao nao estar preocupada com o estilo, acho q o mais importante e sentirmo-nos satisfeitos com o resultado na altura, o "estilo" cresce e muda connosco sem duvida :)Boas palavras

  3. Yes indeed! They are very similar. I prefer the city centre of Oxford but the river in Cambridge. Both are gorgeous cities and I wish I have studied there. Thanks for your visit 🙂

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