Exploring the English Rivera

So this weekend we went to explore the so called: “English Rivera“, south west england. Well… I’ve got to admit that being from south Portugal, it wasn’t that much impressive, but it was a good escape anyway. Especially after spending weekends in a row working the whole time. 
It’s a shame it was so cold, something like 5 degrees maximum and feels like -5 😦 I can’t moan that much as in the end we had sunshine! Seems quite a miracle I know. Well it’s still sunny now at 19h18! Yeap, I can live with this sunshine 🙂
Anyway, we’ve started in Exeter, which is worth the visit by the adorable town centre. Ah city centre shopping, people outside enjoying the sun! We should have this spirit back in Portugal. It’s hard to believe that with more than 300 days of sunny days we spend most of our time in closed shopping centers and the traditional stores are closing down.
I found this amazing graffiti: 
The cathedral – although it’s a shame that it’s under maintenance right now 😦
Then Torquay… the night view was amazing! But it was so cold I didn’t dare to photograph… and I couldn’t use my mobile phone either because it was without battery.
The next photos are from his mobile phone:
Our hotel… such a charming Victorian house
Next morning a proper walk in Torquay (and back to my photos):
And before stopping at Somerset to buy more ciders (Tatchers), we’ve stopped at the Canonteign Falls – the biggest falls in England. This was indeed my favourite part of the journey. Such a beautiful place, we had such a delightful walk (hence my goal for April of walking more)
And that was it. Can hardly wait to start walking on a regular basis and explore a little bit more.
Wish you a great week ahead 🙂
P.s – If you want to see the photos with bigger detail you can visit my Facebook account here. Unfortunately I’ve already spent all my limit on blogger to upload directly the photos.

8 thoughts on “Exploring the English Rivera

  1. Olá Boa noite,Como eu adoro estes teus post´s de fotografia, são sempre uma inspiração e isso faz-me voltar sempre aqui para te acompanhar.Não penses que levo muito tempo sem aqui passar porque não é verdade mas há vezes que a opção que dá para comentar não aparece no teu blog e não entendo porquê.Espero que esteja tudo bem por esses lados,Um beijinho 🙂

  2. ohh obrigada! e sempre um prazer ter comentarios assim :)pois a mim acontece-me igual com o google chrome, normalmente tenho de retirar o link do post e deixar so o do blog para conseguir responder de volta. e estranhovotos de uma excelente noite

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