Monthly Goals – April

How was your Easter break? Mine was really relaxing. I went to south west England and yesterday just relaxing at home. But I’ll post the photos really soon.
So as some of you know, this year I’ve started the monthly goals:
* January – No online shopping – Mission accomplished!
* February – Eat less outside – Almost accomplished
* March – Less is More – Not really

Looking back into March, I had the goal of throwing some unnecessary stuff away. I got rid of old stuff I didn’t needed, but I was really planning to clean my closet and some other stuff around the house. I didn’t manage to do none of those, but it’s a task I still have in mind. The truth is I think twice before buying anything: do I really need it? How many times will I use it? If it’s not necessary so I try to forget about it. This month I only bought one pair of trousers that I really needed and he offered me a black shirt – that I needed to replace an old one. 
So if I consider that the goal is now settled as a routine – even though I still need to take the time to clean as much as I want to – it’s not a pure failure šŸ™‚


It’s something that came into my mind this weekend, while I was exploring the biggest waterfall in england: walking! I truly miss walking. I’m not a gymn person, hate running – well I never put that much effort into that so maybe I should give it a go – but what I really like is walking and exploring and obviously take my photos. So the month for April is to put my trainers on and start walking! Even if I’m still working on the weekends, at least one of the days I need to go outside and walk. At the moment I’m selecting a few itineraries and I’ve already e-mailed a friends that loves walking too. Even he says that he will join me on this and hopefully if I replace my camera he’ll use my old one to take some photos too šŸ˜€
I truly hope this is a success 

2 thoughts on “Monthly Goals – April

  1. I love this goal! It's lovely, useful, healthy and so pleasant. Also, the possibilities are endless in terms of photography :)Really looking forward to it :)And well done on your previous achievements!

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