Monthly goals

I know I’ve been away… work continues to be crazy as usual, but I’ve resisted temptation to work over the weekend. But that’s a goal I can’t keep…

Anyway, my monthly goal for April was to walk more and it was mission failed 😦 I’ve only managed to do 1 walk in April but this weekend I had 1 per day, so 3 walks this weekend. I guess it helped that my parents were here 🙂

So for May I really want to keep the walking up and running, but also eat more healthy. I have to be able to resist temptation and reduce the nr of ice creams. Fingers crossed.

#Ice creams so far = 1

Wish you a great week ahead 🙂

6 thoughts on “Monthly goals

  1. Best of luck in keeping up with the walls. Once you manage to get into a routine with it it's so much better! You want to give up ice cream? Really? I understand eating healthy, but giving up ice cream is a brave goal! I support you in admiration!!x

  2. yes among other stuff, it's just normally when I don't have time to eat I will have ice cream instead, or sometimes after dinner.Ice cream count = 2, had one yesterday again… must resist temptation!!!

  3. I know and I totally love that! Today was planning a walk along the river, but it's actually so miserable ahahhaha nothing like Portuguese weather for that 🙂

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