Exploring Bourton on the water

Oh well, it’s Monday but it’s a bank holiday here 😀 (But not really keen on going to work tomorrow and wake up at 04h, but I’ll ignore that for a while… still have to pack…)
It’s a beautiful sunny day so we’ve decided to explore a new place: Bourton-on-the water. I’m glad a friend of mine told me about this place. It’s such a charismatic village and so close to Oxford. Seriously, it’s beautiful!
We ended up by having lunch at a very crowded pub outside, Kingsbridge. The burger was really delicious, so it was worth the wait.
Shall we go?

One of the main attractions it’s the birdland, it’s worth a visit as well:
 And now relaxing on the couch with some hot tea as I’m getting sick.
Wish you a great week ahead.

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