TGIF and it’s The voice’s day

I know I have been quite away, I have to say it was a tiring week… but with loads of fun in between. My Karaoke event was quite successful so I’m quite proud, I’ve only returned to the hotel at 02a.m, to wake up at 06h20 next day (ouch!). Really good fun and disastrous voices hahahaah

But finally it’s Friday, I’m back home and I’ve just watched the voice. Seriously, we have such amazing talented singers in UK. For instance I follow this youtube channel (On the sofa) and it’s all about good natural voices. I’ve discovered a lot of good voices there and that I’ll continue follow.

The same happens with the voice, wow what a show tonight.

Team Jessie

Ash – My favourite from Jessie’s

Team Tom
I really like her voice

I’m not much a country person, but I like his voice

Team Danny 
One of the best teams tonight
She quite surprised me with the choice of song and the confidence. Really enjoyed it

wow such a stunning performance here. so much energy. For sure I’ll follow him no matter what the result is on the voice, so I really hope he follows through

I really like his voice, but I felt this performance a bit boring. I believe he had more potential

Team Will
The best team tonight, seriously!

Her voice is stunning, such an energetic performance

I have to admit I was not much of a fan of Cleo until tonight, wow

Last but not least, wow! She’s a winner, that’s all I have to say. Such a unique voice, stunning! The best tonight


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