It doesn’t look like me…

It doesn’t look like me
The face that looks back at me in the mirror
It doesn’t look like me
The voice I ear back while I’m speaking
As if my true self got lost on the way
Maybe this is what they call growing up
But all I feel is I’m too dragged into the daily work
And I forgot to live… most of all that I forgot to feel
Somehow I miss the rage I used to feel;
Somehow I miss the voice that was speaking back at me
But I know, deep inside this shell, there’s still my old me
The one that dreams of love, the one that wants to open up the wings and fly
I just know what I’m doing it’s not really me
I want to wake up and say: this is it, this is all I want to do
And go to bed with the feeling: now I’m living it all
I honestly don’t care about money, or fame or power
But just lay down my head feeling I’ve done something worth of doing
That I’m not leaving anything behind forgotten because I didn’t dare to slow down and grab it
You ask me every single day: “when do you plan to live our love? When we are old and without any energy left?”
Oh my love, I know you are right, it should be here and now
Stop the clock just for once and live it all
Hand by hand, side by side 
listening to our favourite songs
Laughing… even crying together
it’s just words are easier said than done
it’s just I’m watching the world go past me
letting my energy flow thinking I’m building a better future
when there’s no better future than the present we have in our hands
here and now… together


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