Waiting for June

I know… June is here… but looking outside the window all I see is clouds… rain… clouds. And I guess I’m becoming quite moody about it, as June if one of my favourite months. Summers starts, the days are longer, the beach is not too crowded yet, and there’s still a smell of spring in the air. And I love that!
But no…. 16 degrees and cloudy here. So I guess I still have to wait for June… I mean real June.

(Photo from Miss Twiggs)

(Sorry I’m really moody today).

So let’s go back to May:
* Spring started (yeahh!)
* Had the visit of my parents and my sister (oHhh I miss them already)
* Baked my first cake after 5 years or something without baking
* Opened a tuna can alone for the first time (being portuguese, I’m used to the ones where it’s easy to open, without needing a can opener)
* Did my first run after ages, got sick for 2 weeks after that

I had the goal of start running and do more walks. Although I believe the weather in May helped me do some walks, especially in the long weekends, running was a failure, as well as not eating ice creams. I had around 10 the whole month.

So for June, and hope the weather helps, try to continue running, have healthier food and walk more. (And by the way, finish the planning for my holidays in July).
While that, I look outside to the clouds and dream about the June I know, of our dinner walks in the beach and the tradition of eating ice cream on the 21st June (yes we celebrate the summer solstice). 
Plus I wish with all my heart that my cat improves… he’s been spending days at the vet due to kidney issues. It’s hard to believe since he’s only 5 years old. It’s so hard to be so far away and not even being able to see him 😦


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