Welcome July and wish me luck!

At this moment I’m travelling again (advantage of scheduling posts!) and now that June is ending, is time to welcome July. I can tell you at least this weekend summer decided to open is arms, it was pretty warm both Saturday and yesterday.
On Saturday had lunch with some friends in a proper Chinese restaurant (not the stuff for tourists)  and a walk down the Hyde Park (kinda like our Central park) and a quick visit to the Natural History Museum. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying such a beautiful day. In my home country everyone would be in shopping center’s really. Or queuing for the beach.

On Sunday we had a picnic in front of our house (literally) with some friends:

So I can say this is quite a good ending for June actually. In terms of my goals: more walks, it’s a big failure. The weather was crap, so during the weekends did… nothing! Just walked from the office to the hotel (30m walk) on a daily basis. 

For July I’m going to change my goals completely, for unexpected reasons. For July my only wish is to see my cat alive. Yap, a few weeks ago during a regular check in the vet, we’ve discovered that my cat has kidney problems, worst than that, according with the analysis he’s actually in the worst case scenario. He was recovering a bit, but this weekend he’s actually at the vet because he got much worst. I still have to way 3 weeks before my holidays and I can actually go home and visit him. At least I want a chance to say: thank you to him, for all the smiley moments he gave us, for taking care of my grandmother for the last 2 years, for being part of the family. I try not to think to much about it, but it hurts. hope time is on my side… 


4 thoughts on “Welcome July and wish me luck!

  1. Como sempre gosto tanto de passar por aqui e sentir a energia das tuas escolhas, das tuas alegrias.Espero que esteja tudo bem por esse lado, peço desculpa por não passar aqui há algum tempo mas mal tenho tempo para escrever quanto mais para visitar blogs que eu tanto gosto.Um beijinho e boa semana 🙂

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