Pinterest ~ Inspiring photography

Ahh nothing better than a summer Saturday 🙂
On Saturdays I enjoy the little moments of listening to music and pinterest around, yes I’m quite a fan of Pinterest (you can visit the whole gallery here), such an easy way of collecting your favourite topics. 
So today I bring you some of the most inspiring photography I’ve been collecting:

I really enjoy Olivia’s photos, they always have such a joy:
What inspires you? How do you collect your inspirations?
Enjoy your weekend


One thought on “Pinterest ~ Inspiring photography

  1. Such an inspiring set of images… and music!It's Monday night, which feels very little like a Sunday, and all of it is still perfect!A lot inspires me, from blogs to photography on Flickr, to things I find on Pinterest. However, I'm very bad at keeping track of all of that. I "feel" inspired and more often than not I'll let go of that link. Hence I should also say the outdoors inspire, as does light, natural light everywhere 🙂

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