Portrait Photography

By now I’m for sure already tired and thinking about my next holidays (yap, scheduled post this time)
While that I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photo styles: natural portraits. And I underlyne natural. I did studio photography once just to try it out, and while some people may feel quite natural about it, I believe the majority of us doesn’t (at least I didn’t). Plus one of my favourite things about portraits, it’s all about playing with the natural light.

Today I bring you some nice examples:

Christina Greve
She’s one of my favourite. All her portraits have such a unique light, plus love the magic all her photos seem to have:

He does something which I totally admire, strangers photography. I wish I was brave enough to ask strangers to tell me their story and allow me to photograph them. Maybe one day 🙂
So let’s start with my favourite

[1000 Strangers] #55 (66) Sarah

Spring with Safiye

[1000 Strangers] #41 (51) Alex

The post-apocalyptic Wanderer

I love these photos, they always have such a light! Love the jump series too 🙂

Jumping at Sunset

Portrait with Catmint

Summer Haze - Day 291/365

Summer Jumping

I actually discovered him through my Camera magazine, as he won the portrait competition:

Digital Camera World Magazine Cover Issue #122 March

AnnaLee, SG



Inspiring isn’t it?

Have a lovely week 🙂

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