A trip to Scotland – Part II

Stop 2: Glasgow and the Lochs (150 miles – 241km)

After our english breakfast, it was time to drive to Scotland 
The landscape really changes and we feel like going up as the clouds seem closer then before.
Our first stop was a lunch in Glasgow. I didn’t had much expectation, but the city is actually quite pleasant:

As our goal was to explore the lochs, we didn’t explore that much. We went to the hotel, left the bags and lochs it is!
I love this photo!
Stop 3: Balloch castle + Edinburgh (111 miles – 179km)
I had big expectations around Edinburgh, but the truth is we were both feeling very tired and with a stomach bug… plus it was rainy so we almost didn’t explore anything.
Stop 4: Manchester and our way back home (215miles + 202 miles – 671km)
Next morning was time to leave back home, with a little stop in Manchester for a nap and dinner.
To sum up: 962 miles (around 1600km!!) It’s beautiful and green and the people are so lovely! I really want to go back and explore it a bit better 🙂



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