Never give up… just a little break

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” 

Never stop even if your legs are shaking down
Never lose sight of what you end, even if your eyes are feeling tired
Don’t stop trying until you break it
Until you hold in your hands the control of your life
Yes, sometimes it can become very frustrating
Sometimes you just feel like turning your back and give up
Specially when you know you’ve done all your could
But did you? Loosing is just part of learning the game
It’s just a better understanding of the rules
And I’m sure you can learn them and turn the winds in your favor
Don’t wait any lucky charm… it will never happen by chance!
Fight like it was the last chance you’ll ever have
But never give up

Yap, sometimes I just feel like giving up, although in my mind I can’t stop trying to find a better solution to get what I want. So I’ll rest now to gather energy to fight tomorrow 🙂

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