Brace yourselves… Autumn is coming

There’s something quite nostalgic about September… the change from the summery days to Autumn, the leaves falling, the trees preparing to start a new beginning later in march. Let it all go, everything which is not necessary, open up the space for something more.
It’s the start from the school days, the days getting shorter hence the need for prioritize what you need to do during the day. So yes, there’s something unique about September. Can hardly wait for the red leaves all over the place and the magic colours that cover all the parks.
Getting ready for the long hardship of Winter. Am I ready?

As in September, my moto for this month is: get your priorities right once and for all!
As probably you are aware I’ve been living for work, and travelling too much, but after the bang on the door regarding promotion, it helped me woke up a bit. I don’t think I have my priorities right.
He asks me on a daily basis: “when do you plan to enjoy live and spend time with me? when we’re 60?” Oh yeah he’s so right, but it’s not that easy. I need to find my balance and get my priorities straight and not lose focus on what’s really important. I don’t want to be one of those that only changes when something really hard happened. Life is too short, so I need to enjoy a bit more. Work is not everything, certainly not for me!

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