Red lips

Skin like white porcelain
Red lips like wine
She can see her reflection in m the mirror
Except that she’s not looking
In fact her eyes remain expressionless
Like if her soul was on the other side of the glass
She seems lost, frozen in time
Trying to understand who she is, who she ever was
Her hands are cold
Her heartbeat is almost silent
But yet something seems to be disturbing her
Like if she has just realized it’s too late
Too late to recover what has been lost
Too late to discover that deep inside once there was a heart
Burning like fire
That once there was a life that was hers and she was no longer alone nor lost
She had love
Ah love
Seems like a song from such a distant past
Yet it smiles back at her on the other side of the mirror
If only she could grab it
If only she could go back in time
And hug him and love him one last time
And stop the clock just like that
But that was a long time ago
And now she has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide from herself
All that’s left now are vague memories
That she tries to recover in her mind
Like nothing else mattered
Because only when she finds out why everything went to wrong,
Maybe she will have the chance to make it right
And maybe those sad eyes reflecting at her on the mirror
May recover her will to live and may break free
Away from this lady in red lips and cold skin like porcelain… 


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