Wish me luck

Or I’ll end up spending Christmas eve on the plane!!!

So let’s check the odds. There’s a lot of wind in UK at the moment and some flights were cancelled. There’s also bad weather where I’m going. To top up, there’s a strike of the ground company… pfffff I’m tired just to think about it. And ah, my flight is at 06 a.m! I’ll guess I’ll end up falling asleep over dinner hahahahah

Anyway, I have to admit I don’t really feel the Christmas mood at all. Tired of the commercials and the Christmas song. Looking forward to our christmas: having dinner together, opening the gifts in the morning (oh yeah, we follow the old family tradition) each at the time (oldest to youngest). For me this is christmas, nothing else. Although for me Christmas will never be complete, as my heart is always split between two countries and I can’t be in two places at the same time pfff Maybe one day we’ll be together as a family again. That would be the perfect gift of all 🙂



And for all of you, Merry Christmas 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wish me luck

  1. Tive pois! super tranquilo, em familia, valeu a pena a viagem. Ja tinha saudade. entretanto ja celebrei o Natal ca em casa tb, agora e so descansar. Espero q o teu Natal tb tenha sido em beleza 🙂

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