hoping for the next 365 days

Yap, this is another year review post. Now that Christmas is over, and I managed to spend a lovely (but short) time with my family, it’s time to reflect on the year that’s now almost over.

Actually we have a notebook where we write our yearly objectives and things we want to do / buy together. Mid year we always have a look to see where we are. The point is that it’s always good to have common objectives and be crystal clear with each  other. But more than just define what we want do, it’s also important to plan how to get there. It’s very easy to have loads of ideas and good intentions when the majority of those will end up dying away. So yes, it’s also important to be realistic.

Objectives 2013 – a reflection


* Be promoted… as I believe you know, I wasn’t. I know what went wrong, I didn’t fought enough for myself, and I didn’t spend enough effort in showing what I’m capable off,  I just went ahead and did it. What I’ve learnt with it, is that maybe I’m not fit for this game. It also made me think a lot about my priorities, and that potentially I have them all wrong. The year ahead will be quite important for me on this matter. I’ll work hard, very hard, but I’ll keep on being faithful to what I believe: it’s all about the people. Sounds cheesy, but I can’t work with a team I don’t like or I don’t believe in. That’s what kept me going the last 2 years. But for how long will I be able to do it? If I have to compromise my family than I’ll maybe give in and change. And by change I mean a big one. So let’s see how it goes.

* Help him being well-succeeded – Well the support was always there, and he has grown a lot in his new job, and I guess he believes what he’s capable of a bit better. But if for me it will be a critical year, for him even more. Fingers crossed.

* Save more – could have done a bit better. As you’ve seen from my previous posts, I did a lot of online shopping – although I managed to improve a lot over the year. 36% with housing, 18% with car, 17% with food. So definitely need to improve this one next year.

* Eat more healthy and do more exercise – wow, such a big failure here. It’s hard to control what I eat when I spent too much time in hotel. Most of all, it’s all excused. I was not motivated at all, and I ended up feeling really bad and depressed. I learnt my lesson, so definitely eating a lot better since I’m on holidays. For the sake of my own health, need to keep an eye on this one for next year.

* Spend more time at home – Although I’m not travelling every week, it stills feels like crap. Yes, I’ve said it! It’s hard to have the same discussions over and over again, and it’s always harder on the person that stays. I won’t even pretend to have this as a goal for next year, because it’s not going to happen. But definitely my next assignment can’t be like this anymore. I’m tired!

* Grow up professionally – Not really. Based on point nr 1, I’m not sure how much I’ve learnt. Honestly I doubt my capabilities and if I’m doing the right thing. Hope this gets clear next year.

* Improve my accent – hhahahahaha, I guess I did, or so I hope.

Things I wanted to do

* Visit Sam in Texas – I didn’t… and by the looks of it, it’s not going to happen again next year either 😦
* Spend a weekend away – we did, Vienna for my birthday
* Explore UK – finally visited Scotland, so I considered this a mission accomplished
* Buy a new camera – Finally I did as well. Although I’ve not been using it much 😥

So for next year…

* Keep it simple – Enjoy every moment I have and the simple pleasures in life, my family, my friends (I need to spend more time with them), enjoy good food, listen to good food, walk around, enjoy the sun. Don’t buy things I don’t need, don’t spend time in things which are not important

* Professionally need to find a sense of direction and what to do next. I need to learn what I’m fit for, and when to say no. Let’s see how it goes. It’s going to be horrible, that’s all I have to say. Tear, blood and sweat… literally

* Eat healthier – Keep on going same as I’m doing during my holidays. The exercise part it’s not going to happen, and I know it. But at least eating better should help me out.

* Spend more time in doing what I love doing: reading more, taking more photos and potentially write a bit more.

* Save more – yap, I definitely feel like I’ve failed this year. But it’s not only up to me, we need to be able to do it together 🙂

Good luck for me!
Do you write your objectives down? What are your plans?


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