1st things first

Last year my first post was around resolutions for next year, but I’ve done that already.

Now it’s raining outside, cold and miserable (actually can’t complain much, for this time of the year it’s not bad at all). Our friends just left, and I’m just relaxing! Just had tea (homemade bread, cheese, scrambled eggs and toast) so now it’s the perfect time to read, browse and listen to music.

Trying not to think about going back to work, ahh it’s going to be such a dreadful year. For now, just relax. Wish you all a great year ahead. Again, try not just to write down what your goals are, but stick with them and make a plan. I’m against the positive thinking that everything will be ok and everything will be sorted out by change, by luck, by magic? Nop. Good things come to those who fight for it, that are not afraid of going outside in the rain, that try and and fall, but grow up again on their feet. So that 2014 becomes the year of: I’ll do it!


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