Thank you

Dear Txu,

Thank you for all the good memories you gave us, for all the laughs even for all the cries. I still remember the day you entered our lives, it was a rainy Saturday in Nov 2008, and you were so scared, but we felt completely in love with you.

You would ask for attention all the time, sleep together with us, sleep in my lap, in my laptop to make sure I wasn’t working too much. Honestly you were the best cat anyone could ask for. All my friends loved you and soon you became quite a mascot.

you would make the most funny mews ever and the silly poses for sleeping

You’ve also ruined a lot of the furniture, but we loved you anyway

We lived all together until the winds of change brought us to London in 2011. Due to the quarantine European laws, we couldn’t bring you along with us,  and we had to live you with my sister. It was so hard, we felt we were leaving a part of us behind. As my sister was not spending any time at home for work reasons, you went to live with grandma. She loved you immediately, on the same day you become her main priority. By the time you finally could come and live with us, we couldn’t bring you anymore without breaking my grandma’s heart. It was hard, because it meant you would no longer be with us like we used to before.

But we were happy that you had attention all the time and you would never feel alone anymore. Until June last year we were taken by surprise that you were really sick with kidney failure. We couldn’t believe it taking into account you were still young for a cat. The vet said you were about to die. We’ve all cried, we felt guilty, our heads full of: what if you were with us in London instead? But we believed you would get better. My dad took care of you day and night, feeding you with special food more than 3 times a day, and you’ve got better. When we saw you in July you were looking way better, same for October.

Last time I saw you was Christmas time, you were feeling poor again and so cold. I was trying to play with you, but it was like you didn’t recognized me anymore. When I had to live the house you were hidden some place warm and I couldn’t tell you goodbye. As soon as I left the house, I felt something in my heart telling me I had lost the chance to tell you farewell. I couldn’t believe this week when me dad told me your time had come. I felt so miserable, so sad, but at least we knew you were no longer suffering, you were now in peace (I wonder if there’s an heaven for cats and if they have lots of pigeons for you to play with).

My dear Txu, with tears in my eyes I thank you for being our cat, for brighten all the lives you’ve touched, for being the best cat anyone can wish for. Rest in peace dear friend, you’ll live forever in our hearts


4 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Obrigada minha querida. por um lado acho que ja estava preparada, o choque pior foi mesmo em Junho quando descobrimos q ele estava doente. Agora e so tristeza mesmo de saber que ele partiu 😦

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