Cooking @ Home

I have to say since last year I have the resolution of eating healthier. It started with us doing our own bread (after a baking competition in the office),  and now I’m more keen in trying new dishes and cooking with fresh ingredients.

Some of the latest menus @ home:

(Turkey with vegetables and bulgur wheat and lemon)

I had never tried bulgur wheat, to be honest didn’t even know it existed, but it’s a great alternative to rice.

(Grilled turkey with rice and a mixture of spinach – Inspired from Jamie’s stroganoff)

(Homemade pizza with salami & mozzarella)

I used to do Pizza with my dad, and since we’ve been doing a lot of bread, this was a must try. With pizza keep it simple, use just 2 / 3 key ingredients for the sauce. It was quite tasty!

(Bread, one of his latest)

As I’m writing this post, he’s just cutting a new version with olives 😀

Today I had pasta with shrimp and spinach but forgot to photograph.

Planned for this week: mushroom risotto, which I’ve been dying to try for ages 🙂


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