Places I need to visit – UK

Oh well, I know I’ve been travelling a lot for work, but truth is… it’s always the same place! There’s still so many places out there I want to explore. I can’t even name them all šŸ™‚

So let’s start, in no particular order:
(Note – None of the photos posted is mine, unless expectedly identified so, credits to the original owners)


1 – Cornwall

For it’s beautiful coast! I’ve been in Torquay (the english riviera) 1 year ago, and it’s really beautiful. But I left with the feeling I didn’t explore everything and I’ve missed Cornwall. So can easily imagine myself having a long walk and then end in the spa. Hum…. tempting!

The Scarlet Spa

Especially this summer that the prices to south portugal are so expensive, I may consider the travel-inside option.

And then on the way back explore a bit more the Jurrasic Coast

Durdle Door

2 – Wales

I’ve been into Cardiff but that’s basically the only experience I had in Wales. So missing on the radar is rent a bungalow and relax in the national parks:

3 – Whiskey tour and north Scotland

I was last summer in Scotland, but didn’t explore as much as I wanted to (why do I keep on saying this). I was really impressed, by the people, by the gorgeous landscape. Seriously in love, so it’s no wonder I want to go back again.

One of the things I’ve missed is the famous train tour to Fort William

Whiskey Tour

4 – Ireland

Yap, after all this time never been into Ireland, and I have to say from all the people I’ve met, Irish are the most welcoming and friendly people I know šŸ™‚

And obviously, the Guinness tour! Everyone says Guinness in Ireland tastes like nowhere else. Gotta try that šŸ™‚

Next stop: which places I still want to visit in Europe?

Edit: So it seems I’m going to Dublin on the Easter break!!!! Can hardly wait


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