Places I need to visit – Europe

Europe is so unique! each country and even each city tells such a different story, such a long heritage and history. Everywhere you go you’ll have amazing places to see.

As you know by now, I never really had the chance to explore as much as I would like too. In fact, compared with my generation (my fellow young Europeans) I haven’t seen anything at all.

1 – Iceland

It’s not the place you would consider to visit if you think about places in Europe. The most cliche would be something like, let’s go to Paris, maybe south France or Italy. But I really have to make a tour to Iceland, seriously:

2 – Copenhagen

Maybe because I’m south european I have this nice feeling toward north europe, where everyone is quite civilized and genuinely polite and respectful.

3 – Germany

Well, truth to be told, it seems Germany has a lot of amazing places to be explored, and so diverse from each other. So far only managed to visit Hamburg, Düsseldorf (even if I know the airport by heart), Bochum and then Lake constance. I saw Frankfurt very quickly, but I really want to visit all the Bavarian region. Not including Berlin because I’m taking my parents there in May this year.

Look at this place, would you imagine something like this in Europe? I saw this in a travel magazine in a flight and was really amazed.

(Saxon Switzerland National Park)

At least I already know I love the beer 😀 (and I’m not talking Oktoberfest)

4 – Turkey

I’ve been dying to go to visit Turkey, Istanbul more specifically due to it’s diversity, where the west meats the east, where every corner tells a story of a different civilization. And it seems the rest of the country has also an amazing coastline, and well anything Mediterranean can only be good 😀

(Fethiye sea view)



(Hagia Sophia)

5 – Greek Islands

To think there are so many islands to explore and I’ve never seen any! For me it’s the sun, the view and the food!




The island of Paxos is not as well known as Mykonos, but it’s full of pure beauty!



Beautiful isn’t it? And then you add this amazing Mediterranean cuisine:


6 – France

First the french riviera:


Then the wine regions, like Saint-Emilion

Saint Emilion

And obviously, Bordeaux


7 – Italy

I’ve been in Rome, Venice, Milan but I still feel that I haven’t seen the real italy. I still want to visit Sicily:

Tonnara di Scopello




And then, as you can notice, I’ve never been into Florence either!

8 – Spanish Islands

Finally the spanish islands. Being born on the coast, I never really felt the need to do holidays in other beach destinations. But then I moved to uk and then I see it from a completely different perspective, I could do some relaxing holidays right now




Where would you start?

Next stop, which places I would like to visit outside europe 🙂


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