Watching telly

They say an average english person spends at least 4h watching television per day. wow! I’m not much of a television person, I rarely watch movies at all these days, but when I do it’s mostly to catch up online with tv series. There’s something I follow every year, the voice. I had a few posts on that before.

The final was yesterday, just wanted to share the best ones from this year:

The winner – Jermain Jackman

I guess this year was not only a matter of the voice, actually this young boy is doing quite a lot of work for his community in Hackney (read a bit more here). He has an amazing range, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚


what a beautiful and emotional voice!!!! seriously

My favourite this year was Christina Marie

Worth mentioning

Anna McLuckie, quite a star and raw talent!

Chris Royal – such a sweet guy ๐Ÿ™‚

Sophie – here’s jazz! And she’s really good

And I can’t mention the voice, without mentioning the best performance this year: Bob!

Finally, Femi – I don’t know how he didn’t made it to the final

From the previous years


Bo Bruce

Leanne (The winner)

It’s a shame we don’t hear that much of her, I still believe she has an amazing voice.

I Heard it through the grapevine – I’m so addicted to this song, since this battle


The voice 2013

The real winner to me – Leah Mcfall

Matt Henry – Haven’t heard of him anymore, but his performance on the final was great




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