The Real Greek

Yap, I haven’t give up on trying new places. And while I understand many of you will say “The Real Greek” is not really new, truth is, I had never been there before.

We visited the branch in Westfield, because it’s quite convenient to us.

The facilities:

Really nice decor, and in the evening (as we went) it looks even better.

The Staff | Service

Well, polite enough but I really found the service slow. Even if it was evening, it didn’t felt busier than usual. We were sitting on a table in a corner, so we felt quite forgotten. Neither-less to say, we were starving by the time we had food – hence the lack of photos.

The Food

I guess I’ve got spoiled by the greek food I used to have in Bochum, but I wasn’t surprised at all by any of it. Except the couscous which was really delicious “Tonia’s couscous salad“. I found it expensive for what it is as well. We had like 5 tapas, 1 water and 1 dessert and we’ve paid roughly 50£.

Here it is, the greek yogurt, really nice to finish.

Although I like greek food, will try other restaurants. For the convenience and location this is a nice one to go.


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