La Cantina

It’s now part of our usuals, but the food is so good that it’s worth coming back for more


In the heart of ealing broadway, so definitely a plus


We mostly go there at lunch time, so it tends to be quite relaxing, perfect for a talk as well.


Polite and nice. We never had to wait a lot to be served. In busy evenings it can take a bit longer, as they don’t have much staff, but it’s always welcoming to go there. If you have to wait, it will be worth it anyway!


I always have a starter because they’re so delicious! All handmade there. Look at this huge yummy bread:

This is the garlic version, but there’s also goat’s cheese, mozzarella, you name it.

As for the main, I wanted something simple today, so I went for the bolognese. I had already a very delicious mushroom risotto, spaghetti fruto di mari and it’s all good.

They also have a good selection of wine, but I’m trying to stick with water these days.

Tip: Save some space for dessert! Always ask for the daily specials, we had really good Amaretto desserts, and the tiramisu is really good (and big!). There’s no photo because I was greedy, ups 🙂

So in general a place to go for authentic italian food.

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