Exploring UK: Stratford upon Avon & Warwick

Last weekend, and to celebrate our 7 years living together we’ve spend the weekend in Warwick and Straford upon Avon.

We’ve stayed in Forest of Arden – A Marriott Country Club

I have to say this is the perfect place if you want a relaxing weekend. All around the hotel is the golf club. There’s also a tennis court available as well.

Our room (after I had jumped on the bed)

One of my latest requirements for hotels is the pool. It’s so relaxing to have a swim before dinner (I can’t handle it that well before breakfast though). We’ve also tried the aroma-therapy room for a few minutes and then sauna.

When I did the booking I wrote it was our anniversary and the hotel left this in our room:


First stop: Warwick

Warwick it’s quite famous for being a small town with a nice castle. It kept most of the original medieval features so it almost feels like a travel back on time:

Lunch at Pizza Express – Even the pizza express was located in a quite old building:

I’m quite in love with the mini desserts! Coffee and smaller dessert, finally 🙂

(I had to photograph this lovely red door)

We didn’t visit the castle this time, as we just wanted to walk around town and relax in the pool of the hotel.

Dinner @ the Zest Bar in the hotel

The menu was the same we had already in other Marriott hotels, so we went for the chicken burger and a glass of whine. Service was really good. We really felt relaxed and welcomed:

(Chicken burger – ok’ish) But the wine was good

But the best was really the dessert! Seriously, even if you don’t want to go for the food, you have to try this dessert, one of the best we had in a long time

Next day: Stratford upon Avon and lunch at Leamington Spa with some friends

Stratford it’s mostly known as the Shakespeare city, as it was his birthplace. Same as Warwick it’s a very lovely town, with even more people around and more shops.

Leamington Spa

Definitely a very good weekend! I have to repeat it soon 🙂


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