Exploring Lisbon – Part I

Ah what a week! Can hardly wait to be back again.
So let’s start…

Dinner 1 @ Adega das Gravatas

Price quality-wise this must be one of the best restaurants in Lisbon, seriously! It’s hidden in Carnide, and you actually forget you are still in the city. The place is way bigger than it seems from the outside, still I would recommend a reservation for busy evenings, like a Friday.

Once you sit down your table is already full of starters to get you started, from samosas to goose barnacles, bread and cheese:

In the menu there’s loads of choices, from “tapas” to meat or fish dishes. We had Octopus (it was huge!), Picanha, Goose, Gravatas Steak & Flounder.

It was all delicious! All of it! I really recommend the Picanha, the meat is so yummy. Plus the portions are really big.

Then desert, we had Baba de Camelo (caramel mousse), chocolate mousse, cookie cake & chocolate cake. I recommend all of them except for the chocolate cake. It was too sweet, even though a friend of mine really enjoyed it.

It’s a place to come back for more! I will be back every time I can. More than recommended!

Day 1 – Exploring Lisbon (photos from my phone)

On my first official day on holidays, I decided to go for a walk in Lisbon. After all the food from the evening before, we were not hungry, so we decided to walk a bit before attempting any food:

I’m sure many of you will recognize this place, as it’s a must-stop for me. Can’t get tired of this view:

(The famous azulejos – portuguese tiles… by the way, did you know some people are steeling them so they can sell them in vintage stores? What a shame!!!)

Lunch @ Mercado da Ribeira – Prego da Peixaria

This place just opened this year and helped to give a brand new face to a special place in Lisbon – Cais do Sodre. In the past more than 10 years it felt abandoned and it was a bad neighborhood, now it’s one of the trendiest places

And here it is, the best burger I ever had in my life!!! Salmon burger with cuttlefish ink what a delight! From the first touch, the fluffy bread and then all the flavours mixing together. Both me and my sister ended up looking at each other like “this is so good!”. It was worth every cent. So good I can’t even describe it.

If you want to try this place, and anyway you should!, try to go out of rush hour. We went at 15h on a Saturday so it was easy to find a place to sit, but during busier times it’s a mess!

Sangria @ Lost in

This place was also in my wishlist. After walking around in the city, we were in the mood for Sangria, a nice view and just relaxing. This is the perfect place to do so. It didn’t disappointed me at all

The sangria (white) was not very strong, but it was perfect for what we wanted (12€ a jar). Really refreshing.

I’ve heard the food is also quite nice. At least the sandwiches seemed to be quite big. This is the perfect place to enjoy outdoors and just relax. Totally recommended as well.

In summary, it was quite a day in Lisbon. So easy to understand why Lisbon seems to be so trendy nowadays, there’s so much to offer, to see and do. It’s a gastronomic paradise with amazing weather and nice people.

More updates to follow.


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