Exploring Lisbon – Part II

The weather wasn’t so great the whole week we were there, but still it was way better than what we normally have in UK. Plus it was warm and we still managed to get a bit of sunshine

Home cooked octopus (Polvo a lagareiro)

Huge pumpkin


Petiscos and Sangria @ Nana petiscos

Nana is one of our favourite spots for some Petiscos (tapas). The food is just great, good service and loads of choices. It tends to be quite busy end of the day, as soon as everyone leaves the beach. It started to be quite a small hidden spot, but fortunately now they have a bigger place. Still the quality of the food remains 🙂

Next day we went to Parque das Nacoes, which used to be a trendy place, with lots of bars and restaurants. It’s a shame to realize most of it is abandoned.

But the best of the day was the sunset

Sunset @ Rooftop Bar Hotel Mundial

From the 3 rooftop bars I’ve visited this week, this was my favourite. What a view! It opens up at 18h30, which was the time we’ve arrived, so it was quite easy to find a nice spot

They have some snacks, but the main menu is all about cocktails. We went for gin tonic, as I wanted to try new ones (I had a bulldog)

But the sunset was indeed the best moment. Watching Lisbon turning into golden tones it’s quite an amazing experience.

So, no matter what you do in Lisbon please make sure you visit one of this amazing places to enjoy gin tonic with a breathtaking sunset 🙂

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