Exploring Lisbon – Part III

Next stop is not actually part of Lisbon, but south Lisbon – Setubal. Setubal is quite well known for the fried Cuttlefish which I call the portuguese fish & chips.

Next I really wanted to go to the beach, and one of the places that was on my wishlist was Portinho da Arrabida. It’s almost impossible to park here, and I guess we had tried 3 times before. This time we did it!

Beautiful isn’t it? I really love this place.

Next stop was “Cabo Espichel – Sesimbra”

After dinner we’ve decided to visit another rooftop bar, this time the SkyBar @ Hotel Tivoli. Hotel Tivoli is one of the most remarkable hotels in the city, being strategically located in Avenida da Liberdade, so my expectation was really high.

It seems a really nice place as well, very good environment but not such a great view – not as compared with the Rooftop. Price wise, was pretty much the same.

(Sorry for the poor quality, my phone doesn’t like night photos).


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