Exploring Lisbon – Part IV

Last day in Lisbon finally came, and I have to say it was really hard to realize it was over. Pfff
One of the places I had on my wishlist – it’s always there – was Sintra / Cascais

The weather wasn’t great at all, actually it was quite foggy the whole morning

Lunch @ John Bull Cascais

Coriander grilled squid with prawns. It was good but nothing fantastic. I was really enjoying eating outdoors as it was quite warm. It’s a nice place to stay to enjoy the weather without spending a lot of money. As soon as there’s more people around the service becomes a bit slow.

Then we had “Ginjinha” in a chocolate cup

Next a drive to Lisbon following the river – it’s a must do as well

We were supposed to be heading to “Pasteis de Belem”, but we’ve decided that ice cream was a better option

Finally a dinner with friends @ Bairro Alto

Dinner @ Cabacas – Bairro Alto

This is a quite small restaurant located at the entrance of Bairro Alto, so no wonder there was a big queue waiting to get in. We had to wait roughly 1h before we could get in. While that we were enjoying 1€ beers.

The main dish is Naco na Pedra, but I decided to try Picanha, as the meat is slimmer hence easier to cook

It was good but nothing special. The deserts were ok-ish as well. But as it’s quite affordable we can’t really complain. Once we order the food it’s quite quick to be served.

After dinner we went for a quick visit at Pensao Amor, where the decor is quite unique. Really

Final stop was at “O Bom, O Mau e o Vilao“. The choice of drinks was the best I’ve seen this week. From our traditional liquors, vodkas and gins. And here was the best I had. Bulldog with orange & cinammon really really good. Price wise again very similar to the other places I’ve mentioned before. My gin was 10€.

Because it’s not that cheap for a portuguese pocket, people tend to stay outside drinking beers and shots for 1€. Hence it was quite relaxing to stay here, enjoying the gin and good company with friends. Maybe because we came early, we managed to get a table for 6

And that’s it, my amazing week in Lisbon was over and time to get back….


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