Today is the day

Sometimes we think too much:
* Should I go to that place? And if I go, when should I go? It’s boring to go alone, who should I invite? Now it’s too expensive, now it’s not really handy and and and
Guess what? We never do anything. We miss the moment and doing the things we love the most. As much as I know about plans is that the more we plan the more we end up not doing anything.

Sometimes we should be more impulsive and just do and just try it out. I’m not much into carpe diem necessarily, because I believe it’s easier said than done, and I like to think about the future too. But lately I’m realizing that if I don’t do it today the likelihood is that I will never do it and one day I will be regretting all the things I never done.

Fancy staying in bed the whole morning and just reading a book? What about that travel you always wanted to do? And that new restaurant? Just do it! Don’t wait for other people to do what you want to do.

Today is the day 🙂


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