.: Happy Birthday Daddy :.

My dad hates birthdays, every year he tends to feel sad, but I guess it’s mostly because we’re no longer around. But we’ve decided to try to make his day special, and I think somehow we’ve succeeded. I really enjoyed our conf call, me in the hotel, my sister at home and my mom & dad together. It almost felt we were all together in the same room. Thanks for technology really!

Also because my dad is quite creative and is able to build stuff out of unexpected, like ice cream sticks and matches:

even Ola (or walls in UK) left a message for him:

Thank you Dad for being the best for us! For giving us the freedom and teaching us the value of trust and punctuality (if you grew up in Europe you’ll understand this is quite a lesson). You were always there for us, to carry us to the room even if we were pretending we were asleep, or always having a smile even when you were sad.



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