.: Books – The girl you left behind :.

I’ve read “Me before you” from Jojo Moyes last year and I simply loved it! Was lucky enough to buy The girl you left behind as part of the kindle daily deals for £0.99. As I didn’t had my kindle with me, I ended up downloading it using my mobile phone to read during my flight from Budapest.

I was caught up by the story of Sophie immediately! I wanted to know more about Sophie, about the life in the hotel, about the village and even from the Kommandant. I really like the plot because it shows that life is not black and white, there is a lot of grey and it’s not so easy to judge. When the story moved into the present I couldn’t connect with Liv, I wanted Sophie. Until it all started to connect.

An interesting fact is that, being a fan of “Grand Designs” I really enjoyed the description of the Glass House and how it almost become central to the story. I could almost pictured it in my head. Back to Liv and Paul, well loved the twist of how it connected with the past. Not sure if it felt believable enough, but the plot was interesting. Finished the book within the same week and kept dreaming about Sophie a bit after.

Although not as good as Me Before you, it’s still a great book.

Books read in 2014: 10 + 2 from A song of fire and ice and very close to finish “A dance with dragons” = 12 – so I guess I’ve managed to keep my goal, but still plan to read a few more


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